Need a quick definition of the Big Four factors that attract the highest quality women?

Serve Notice To Every Woman Worthy Of Your Attention That A REAL MAN Has Entered Her World...And Watch In Awe As She Breathlessly Desires You

From The Desk Of:  Scot McKay

Attention:  All Men Of Character Who Refuse To Settle


Frustration Is At An All Time High

We as men are constantly told we're the PROBLEM. But we're given no SOLUTION.

More than ever before we're confronted with mixed messages about what we're supposed to do and even who we're supposed to be.

It seems like every day a new video is released warning you to KEEP AWAY from women. As if feeling invisible to women isn't bad enough, it's as if you're told to STAY THAT WAY.

You've been warned in no uncertain terms that making eye contact with a woman on the street is an aggressive act, let alone actually approaching her and saying "hello". One video even infamously labels any male acknowledgment of female as "the gateway drug to rape".

These videos rack up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of "likes".



But then comes the part where we all really want to tear our hair out.

You're ALSO constantly bombarded with images and sound bites of women openly mourning the demise of "real men" in this post-modern world. They wonder where their hero is, and when he'll come sweep them off of their feet.

I mean, how are you supposed to be a real man--let alone a hero--to a woman if you're made to feel like a vicious criminal for even showing interest in her?

How do you "sweep her off her feet" if you can't even LOOK at her?

The Powerful, Effective Solution

No matter what the media would have us believe, the truth is that the vast majority of us as men want only to treat a good woman right. We're all about being her hero.

But tragically, more good, decent men just like you than ever before have simply given up...thinking that meeting real, live women just isn't worth the trouble OR the perceived risk of "bothering" them.

Some guys have even commented on my own blog and elsewhere that they've actually trained themselves to stop noticing women altogether.


"I wholeheartedly believe that being a Big 4 Man is the most important thing we can do with ourselves, as men. I very much believe in what you teach and how you teach it, so I would most definitely recommend this program to any of my friends... and I have."

John (Asheville, NC – B4MC Member)


But meanwhile, the truth has been hiding in plain sight.

Despite all of the negative media, it's still true (and always will be) that women WILL follow the lead of a man who has their best interests in mind, and they'll LOVE him for it.

Even high quality women themselves are left shaking their heads. They have NO IDEA what to do...except wait...and hope...that a great man like you will rise above the fray and boldly turn her on.

That can ONLY mean that they're depending on YOU to sort all of this out...and FAST.



It's simple: Failure is NOT an option.

You have GOT to find the way to your rightful place in red-blooded women's hearts, minds AND yes...bedrooms.

After all, if you don't attract them sexually, you'll be banished to the dreaded "Just Be Friends Zone".

Why frustrate them like that? The truth is that great WOMEN everywhere--the ones you actually desire--are actually cheering you on.


"I appreciated the way this program unfolded, beginning with making sure we were men who deserved what we wanted, getting clear on what that meant, and how to get there if we were falling short.

It had a nice, logical progression to it that felt like we were leading somewhere, and that was a nice morale boost as we made our way through the weeks. I could feel like I was getting somewhere.

Without a doubt, I thought the reflection profile was the best part of this program. In fact, the call on online dating in general was especially great."

Cliff (Macungie, PA – B4MC Member)


So, what is it going to take to boldly meet and attract the women YOU want...all the while thrilling those very women at their deepest, most feminine level?

Welcome to an exciting milestone. You're invited to be an integral part of an innovative and powerful movement... something bigger than each of us as individuals.

The honor of your presence is requested as part of a fast-acting cadre of Big Four men and those who genuinely aspire to be.


"Hey Scot, thanks for all the leadership you've helped me create in being a Man of character, you've been a guiding force for quite a few years now and I can clearly see the transformation."

Felipe (San Francisco, CA – Ten-Plus Platinum


The Big 4 Man Challenge brings together a focused group of men who are dedicated to ultimate manhood and enjoying a charmed life replete with beautiful, adoring women.

We are men who know the importance of boldness, purpose, direction and ambition. We want to succeed in life, which is integrally tied to succeeding in love.



Accept The Challenge

Accept The Challenge

Easy Purchase -- Take Three Months To Pay


365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee



What Are The 'Big Four'?
Over the last nine years, we've consistently confirmed that high quality women respond powerfully to four major traits in men. When we exhibit them, women are magnetically drawn to us...regardless of our age, looks or financial situation:

Confidence -- Belief in your own overall competence, combined with a strong feeling of self-worth as a potential partner for women.

Masculinity -- Masculinity and femininity are the building blocks of sexual attraction. When you are observed by women to be masculine, you are sexually attractive to them.

Inspiring Safety and Security -- A woman wants a man who can make her feel safe and comfortable in his presence. This is best accomplished by having her best interests at heart as opposed to representing a threat to her physically, emotionally or otherwise.

Character -- Having a consistent, cornerstone belief system in place allows you to understand what is right and do so even when nobody is watching. Character empowers you to make effective decisions, maintain a consistent presence and fulfill on your promises.


We are men of character...ready, able and willing to treat a high quality woman right. We expect nothing short of respect and adoration in return, which she'll delight in.

Most of all, we are united in the quest that all-too few men have the wherewithal to even pursue: We claim masculine virtue in a world where it's constantly under attack from every angle. And we expect to emerge the true hero to the woman of our dreams, who stands by us through thick and thin.


"You truly have a gift for helping people navigate these unfamiliar waters. I'm inspired and deeply appreciative.

Over the years, I've improved my abilities in the dating area but until I started reading your material hadn't identified leadership as an issue that was holding me back. It's amazing what a difference moving ahead confidently makes.

Thanks again. You are a hero!"

Rob (Chicago, IL) – Ten-Plus Platinum


Here's What's In It For You

Over the course of seven sessions, the curriculum covers every one of the most studied areas of success as a man...the very ones that so many guys struggle with so mightily.

Yet, every bit of what I teach in The Big 4 Man Challenge is BRAND NEW.

Should you accept the challenge, you'll benefit from my very latest findings gleaned from high-end live in-field coaching, along with "eureka" moments from actual Ten-Plus coaching conversations.



You'll emerge from The Big 4 Man Challenge a more evolved Renaissance Man than when you started, more attractive to the highest quality woman than ever before.

And most importantly of all, you'll finally breathe easy....having crystal clear direction on how to meet women and thrill them as only a real man can.


1) Each session is uniquely focused on a major issue or sticking point that virtually EVERY man has struggled with. We'll get straight to the most powerful answers you need the most.

2) Every one of the powerful secrets you'll hear as part of The Big 4 Man Challenge is ALL ORIGINAL. That means you'll reap massive benefits from every bit of what's covered, even if you have all of my other programs.

3) You're guaranteed a wealth of valid new knowledge and skills even if you've completed a high-end Ten-Plus or Ten-Plus Live 1-on-1 coaching program with me in the past.

4) Because most of what I'll be teaching comes from direct coaching experience, you'll get REAL solutions for REAL sticking points that REAL men are regularly confronted with in REAL life.

5) Since these "a-ha" moments in live coaching situations are often spontaneous, you'll be given GOLDEN practical steps to success with women that have never been talked about anywhere by anyone else.

6) You'll hear from Emily and me TOGETHER...getting practical answers from both of us on cultivating a great relationship, understanding women and "going the distance".



What's The Format?

Each of seven epic two hour sessions features a full slate of brand new content, delivered to you in crystal-clear MP3 audio along with a full PDF transcript.

We'll get right down to business in these fluff-free sessions. You'll gain full and complete access to privileged information that has been reserved up until now for high-dollar 1-on-1 coaching clients ONLY.

You have the freedom to listen, read or both—all at your convenience, 24/7/365.

But that's really just the beginning. I'll be handing you a treasure chest of audios, videos, reports and/or e-books after each session, which you can tear into at will.

Plus, for the first time ever as a part of any of my programs, you'll gain access to the secret Facebook group where you can interact with an active community of other Big 4 Man Challenge participants and contribute your own ideas or resources.



Here's the complete list of what you can expect to benefit from and enjoy once you boldly accept The Big 4 Man Challenge:


What's Included?

MP3 recordings of all 7 epic sessions, iPod-friendly and in crystal-clear CD quality.

Full PDF transcripts of all 7 sessions, downloadable and ready for your Kindle or any other device.

A treasure chest of bonus reports, audios, books and other resources in the state-of-the-art Member's Area.

Full VIP membership and complete access to the private B4MC Facebook group.

Personal "missions" to take on outside of class. These will be laser-focused on enabling you to implement everything that's covered quickly and effectively.



Accept The Challenge

Accept The Challenge

Easy Purchase -- Take Three Months To Pay


365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee




So What's Going To Be Covered During The Calls?

To be perfectly clear...

I did not teach ANYTHING in these seven sessions that I've ever taught before outside of high-dollar 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Not one thing. Every bit of it is BRAND NEW.

In fact, you will most likely have never heard ANYTHING I teach from anyone else, either.

That means that if you've enjoyed my newsletters and my premium programs in the past—or have even done live 1-on-1 coaching with me longer than, say, a few months ago—then nothing you've ever heard before will be rehashed.

And yet, every one of the all-new secrets you'll discover as part of The Big 4 Man Challenge is imminently simple and practical...pure gold, regardless of your current skill level with women.

Best of all, every session is available to you immediately once you gain access to the Member's Area.



In fact, if you've taken what I've taught up until now, enjoyed it and gotten solid results with it, you already know that you can count on The Big 4 Man Challenge to overdeliver for you.

And yes, the plan has been carefully engineered so that you gain BIG TIME whether you have a girlfriend now, are a seasoned ladies' man or just getting started.

If you happen to be a married man The Big 4 Man Challenge is guaranteed to enrich your relationship, making sure you have one HAPPY woman in your life.

You can even count on The Big 4 Man Challenge to pay big dividends in your social circle and even your workplace.


Here's a sneak peek behind the curtain, just so you can get a glimpse of what awaits you in the Member's Area:


Session One

Session One

Being A "Big Four" Man: The Greatest Version Of Your Authentic Self

The #1 reason why so many women think all men are "jerks", and how you can put an end to (if not completely REVERSE) this negative thought process. (Yes...I have the audacity to believe you can reform "man haters", and you'll soon see why first-hand.)

How to STOP the "gravy train" of women who feel as if it's okay to take advantage of you any way they can...and START meeting generous sweethearts instead.

Why certain men will NEVER inspire a woman to feel safe and secure in their the "hidden" reason why it's SO easy to slip into "desperation mode". Crush these subtle attraction killers before they can get a foothold in your life.

The infallible, foolproof way to NEVER appear needy or desperate to any woman EVER again. (Nobody has EVER taught this, yet it makes perfect sense.)

The dead-simple cure for feeling like a "little boy" instead of a real man. Don't let this epidemic problem affect you any longer.

Previously-undiscovered lessons from an East African tribe of warriors on masculinity. This cross-cultural viewpoint is absolutely UNKNOWN to Western minds, but it's 100% applicable...and transferrable. I'll spill all the details of the breathtakingly simple truth I've discovered by hanging out with these guys personally.

A basic but powerful analogy that is guaranteed to WAKE UP your masculine core within...all to the delight of women everywhere.

Secrets to balancing primal, natural masculinity with 21st-century lifestyles and social structures.

The TWO deadly faults ...either of which will permanently disable ANY power you have to attract women. Exhibiting EITHER (let alone BOTH) has the same effect as yanking a plug right out of the socket.

I'll ruthlessly expose the weirdest and most fascinating of all social ironies. Once the veil has been lifted on this, you will likely hear an audible gasp from the audience. You'll IMMEDIATELY stop this certain destructive social behavior that nearly ALL men do over and over, trading it in for magnetic influence on the spot.

The greatest message ever told to ANY man who has EVER thought that he wasn't good enough to attract a high quality woman. This will leave you slackjawed with disbelief...but when you actually put it in motion the instant results will FLOOR you.

Nearly every man who is NOT getting the women he wants suffers from a common POISONOUS mindset. Here's the miracle "antivenin" for it. Walk out of this call a NEW man and finally get the woman of your dreams. (This one secret alone is worth pure GOLD).

There's a "hidden" truth about becoming more attractive to women that almost every guy overlooks. Get the 20/20 foresight you need now to get the women other men can only fantasize about, all the while avoiding potentially disastrous results later on in your relationships.


Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity   All about how to be a man in the exact way that turns women on. This module, originally from The Man's Approach, is widely considered one of my most powerful audios of all time.

Dealing With Shyness   In this audio I interview a leading expert on shyness, Dr. Bernardo Carducci. What he reveals will shock you, even as it empowers you.




Session Two

Session Two

Approaching Women, Making Her Interested, Getting Numbers

A "secret handshake" regarding male/female attraction that is usually reserved ONLY for the most socially popular men and women. Get an insider's viewpoint on what they know and start sharing their success NOW.

The bizarre, counter-intuitive and previously UNDISCLOSED truth about approaching super-attractive women that I learned ONLY after working with guys in-field on Ten-Plus Live weekends. (Hint: This is something that guys who lack focus will NEVER figure out on their own...even if they approach 5000 women.)

Only TWO factors need to converge in order for a woman to go out with you. I reveal what they are and how to set them in motion.

How to end a tragically common form or self-sabotage that invariably leads to the particularly rough rejections you may have experienced over and over. Flip the tables once and for all and suddenly start welcoming beautiful women into your reality.

Introducing the "Half Step": This ninja strategy was discovered by observing the most sexually desirable women in action. Use their own "secret" strategy in reverse to get phone numbers. Never "fail to deploy" when it's time to get her digits EVER again. (Note: This is one of my newest breakthroughs and every Ten-Plus guy who I've taught it to has RAVED about how brilliantly it works.)

How to read a woman's most subtle clues right at the "critical mass" moment when it's time to either get her number or say goodbye forever.

How to identify and CURE the latest EPIDEMIC problem that's BIGGER than "approach anxiety"...keeping more men than ever before from meeting beautiful women.

What to do in a world where you're bombarded more and more each day with YouTube videos on "street harassment".

An all-new take on the mechanics of approaching and making conversation, making it easier to meet women than EVER before. (I've actually heard guys exhale in relief when they hear this one).

A wholly different and generally overlooked reason why men don't approach women. (You may have NEVER heard this before, yet my educated guess is that it'll resonate with you IMMEDIATELY.)

Good news for normal decent guys everywhere: Here's a revolutionary and SURE FIRE plan for meeting the women you really want, all without having to be someone you're not.


How To Make Any Woman WANT To Go Out With You   Bonus access to one of the most celebrated audios from my Female Persuasion program.




Session Three

Session Three

Stay Out Of The "Just Be Friends" Zone, Get A Great Girlfriend

An all new and highly practical angle to "deserving what you want" that I've NEVER taught ANYWHERE...until now.

A minty-fresh strategy for portraying masculinity that's virtually IRRESISTIBLE to women (that I've ALSO never taught anywhere ever before).

Finally, an OBJECTIVE formula for attracting women. Get this right and the rest takes care of itself. Use this at the grocery store or other "daytime" venues and see any woman transform before your very eyes into the adoring, flirtatious creature you've always hoped was in there somewhere. (I demo this TIME and AGAIN during Ten-Plus Live weekends, and it never ceases to spark an immediate boost in confidence in any guy who witnesses it in action.)

What separates underdogs who turn into champions from overrated, overhyped teams who end up losing? It's all MINDSET. I'll show you the winning outlook, which you can directly parlay into previously-unimagined levels of success with women.

5 practical (and dead-simple) ways to dream up witty (and hilarious) jokes on the spot with lightning speed. These simple mindset shifts will leave your friends in AWE at how you became so quick on your feet SO fast. Better still, I've formulated ALL FIVE to be particularly effective with women even as they skyrocket your social proof. I'll have real, field-tested examples of each. (Hint: You'll be a comedic GENIUS on your next trip to the supermarket).

Why do some women actually seem to HATE you...even when you're nothing but GOOD to them? And why are those same women perfectly decent to everyone else BUT you? Here's the REAL answer to that crazy-frustrating question once and for all, along with the fast, efficient cure-all solution for the problem. (Hint: She probably IS a high-quality woman after all.)

What transforms any self-neutered "female friend" into a voraciously feminine and willing sex princess? YOU do! Here's exactly how...and why. (Oh I wish I had figured this out YEARS ago.)

What should you do if a woman wants to be "friends first"? Here's a hint: You shouldn't push being "lovers first" instead, no matter what you've heard elsewhere. A little "out of the box" thinking reveals a BRILLIANTLY powerful alternative...and you'll LOVE the results.

The best advice EVER for men who live in rural areas, or who just don't have many opportunities to meet women for WHATEVER reason. (This ALONE will be worth taking on The Big 4 Man Challenge if it applies to you...the rest will be gravy.)

How guys who have EVERYTHING going for them still tend to end up with "average" girlfriends. Stay out of this very real danger zone with a new type of "field vision" you'll thank your lucky stars for.

The 2015 evolution of "teasing" and "cocky/funny". Finally...the piece of the puzzle that's been missing ALL ALONG. It's time to charm and thrill women like you've always wished you could, regardless of your personality type.

How to boldly transform a mildly attractive, lukewarm or even bitchy woman into your stunningly beautiful sweetheart...all thanks to YOUR OWN "hidden" power to do so. (Wait until her ex-boyfriend sees THIS...he'll KICK himself.)

Crucial information you need to know about threesomes...even though NOBODY else dares to teach the truth.


Dr. Carducci's Full Report On Shyness   The world-class expert on shyness returns with his complete study on the subject, as an exclusive bonus for The Big 4 Man Challenge.

The Depth Chart   My objective, step-by-step guide to knowing EXACTLY what you you the power to identify and select the woman of your dreams.




Session Four

Session Four

Long-Term Relationships: Keeping The Lawyers Away

Do you loathe or even fear the idea of getting married and having children? What if I gave you the sure-fire way to have MORE adventure and MORE fun than ever...even as a "family man"? (And yes...I'll show you step-by-step how Emily and I walk the talk".)

A practical, transferrable guideline to NEVER settling that I haven't taught anywhere ever before...until now. This GUARANTEES you'll avoid ending up with the WRONG woman, and DRAMATICALLY increases your odds of making the RIGHT one love and adore you forever.

Is society actually pushing you to "settle" for a woman you don't really want? Let the unthinkably horrible (but necessary) truth I reveal motivate you to "beat the system"...lest the "system" beat YOU.

It's the most tantalizing promise found literally EVERYWHERE in the world of dating advice...yet it's taking you on a ride to CERTAIN breakup or even divorce someday. I'll confess EVERYTHING other gurus desperately want me to keep secret about what SELLS BOOKS all over the world...even though it's absolutely KILLING people's real-world chances at finding love successfully. Then I'll show you the simple and diametrically OPPOSITE secret to highly fulfilling long-term relationships that genuinely WORKS instead. (WARNING: Miss out on this at your own risk.)

What filthy rich guys know about the effect their wealth REALLY has on women. What can you learn from this? PLENTY.

The plain truth about why women cheat...and how to make sure it NEVER happens to you.

How to celebrate "traditional" gender roles with the woman in your life, even as modern society is working overtime to "neuter" the family unit. Can you really do this while respecting and honoring the 21st-century woman in your life? You bet...and she'll LOVE you for it. (You guessed it...I've NEVER taught this life-changing strategy either...until NOW.)

Do you know the often subtle warning signs that you're with a mentally unstable or even psycho woman? Emily and I will team up to give you the no-holds-barred truth about how to avoid getting sucked into a DISASTROUS relationship. Both of us have been in the WRONG relationship in the past, so rest assured we'll hold NOTHING back.

Conflict in a relationship: How much is "normal" and how should you handle it? Emily and I will share frank and candid examples from our own life together.

Emily and I open the mics and questions about what our relationship is like and how we remain the happiest couple anyone knows—for real—year after year.




Session Five

Session Five

Steps To Sex, Having Great Sex

Your opportunity to have sex—and to have GOOD sex—is 100% dependent on THIS...and the good news is that YOU hold all the cards.

As crazy as it sounds, you might not have to SAY anything or do any type of "selling" to get her in the mood. You might not even have to speak her language. I'll give you a real-world example of how this phenomenon works like a charm.

The undeniable truth about sex that most men stubbornly REFUSE to believe. Be the one man who's DIFFERENT and watch the woman you're hot for suddenly appear to "think like a man" sexually. I'll show you why this almost unfathomable situation is actually part of the perfectly natural order of things.

The objective reason why a "Big Four" man has better sex...and why women are BETTER in bed for YOU if you're that guy.

I'll walk you through the exact conversation I've had with TWO different twenty-something virgins I've coached that has resulted in them handing in their "V-card" within a couple of weeks. These guys both thought I was some sort of GENIUS, but everything I told them was based on purely predictable and replicable PATTERNS of female behavior. My strategy is as straightforward as "driver's ed", and this is my FIRST TIME teaching it formally.

Keep this ONE IDEA in focus and you'll ALREADY be a better lover than any other man she's been with...even before the clothes come off.

A brand new breakthrough in the psychology of female sexuality. This will be MISSION-CRITICAL knowledge to have the very first time you're with a particular woman.

What to do if you EVER find yourself in an embarrassing power struggle with a woman over sex, and how to keep her from using sex as a weapon against you.

The untold truth about "warming a woman up" before she's ready for sexual intercourse.

What "McKay's Law of Sexual Inertia" is, and how it will keep you from ever talking yourself out of the bedroom ever again.

It may seem weird or strange to most guys, but the way sexually experienced men think is WORLDS APART. Gain this mindset and watch sexual opportunities appear seemingly out of nowhere.


David Shade On How To Kiss A Woman   In this B4MC exclusive report, the world authority on how to give women incredible pleasure reveals all the secrets to being the best kisser she's ever experienced.

How To Hold A Woman   My ultimate step-by-step guide on how to embrace a woman in a way that makes her melt in your arms.

Flirting Like Wildfire   Exclusive access to the downloadable PDF version of the e-book that took Amazon by storm. Never again be at a loss for words when it's time to move to the bedroom.




Session Six

Session Six

Social Circle and Workplace

New, subtle ways to be the coolest guy any of your friends and acquaintances know...and the world's easiest way to make others spontaneously come up and introduce themselves to you. (You won't believe how brain-dead easy this is.)

The universal two-step process to making new guy friends. Follow them and you'll increase your social circle AND your level of personal influence OVERNIGHT.

Have you been kicking yourself for making the same humiliating social mistakes over and over again? Use this quick but universally effective "head check" to make sure you NEVER mess up from now on.

What hotel reviews on sites like TripAdvisor can teach you about how to gain social status beyond your wildest dreams. (Yes...this is flat-out weird, but you'll immediately see what I mean.)

The common trait shared by 99% of all human beings, but which dooms nearly everyone to a weak social life. This is actually taught in schools (for real), but I'll show you how to "unwire" what you may have learned in kindergarten and rise to the top of your social circle.

Meanwhile, maybe 1% of all people know this one POWERFUL but incredibly EASY skill...making them the most powerful person in their entire social circle (by far).

A sneaky and DANGEROUS social pattern that the vast majority of people get ensnared by, thinking they're becoming more popular when in reality they're actually driving people away.

The fatal social mistake that simultaneously robs both yourself and others of potentially pleasurable and fulfilling experiences. (Yet some people live their entire lives without ever realizing they did it ALL THE TIME.)

How to avoid the trap of becoming defensive, and what to do when others act that way toward you.

What to do when others criticize you, and how to evaluate what they're saying with a clear mind.

12 mission-critical steps to successfully confronting another man you have an issue with...all the while earning his respect and perhaps gaining a new ally in the process. (This is PRICELESS.)

What to do FIRST if people start avoiding you...and you have no idea why. Handle this emergency social situation quickly and effectively or you might find yourself all alone.

The absolute best ways to fast-track yourself to a promotion at work. (I've PERSONALLY field-tested and proven these strategies.)


The Engineer's Guide To Being Cooler Than The Sales Guy   You get my classic audio program on being the most respected and influential man in your social circle, a $27 value by itself.




Session Seven

Session Seven

Rapid Online Dating Success

The most crucial "inner game" sticking point that MUST be conquered...lest your online profile doom you to failure.

5 BRAND NEW ways to have perfect profile pictures...all of which you're GUARANTEED to have never thought of before.

Introducing the "Projection Profile": This revolutionary approach to writing your profile is newly developed within the past month and has never been taught outside of my 1-on-1 Online Dating Success Packages. You'll know immediately why EVERY man who has tried it so far has suddenly compelled women to drop everything and reach for their keyboards in record numbers...practically begging to meet these guys. (And'll get practical examples galore.)

The style of writing profiles that nearly every man thinks is a "sure thing" (and which some famous dating coaches actually TEACH) is actually KILLING their chances. As terrifying as that sounds, here's the unexpected (and somewhat illogical) reason why...and what to do instead.

The perfected method for letting women know how much of a badass you are—and why—without EVER bragging about yourself. This uses a very real loophole in the human mind to make women think positive, adoring thoughts about you...all without you ever having to look like a needy approval seeker.

A foolproof way to get women to start thinking about having sex with you simply by reading your profile...all without even realizing what you did to make it happen. (This is ninja-level stuff, for sure.)

Online dating tactics that women are using on you every day (including ones taught by Emily in her own program for women).

The counter-intuitive but all-conquering strategy to deploy when a desirable woman writes YOU FIRST online. (Every fiber of your being will RESIST this advice...which is exactly why it's SO powerful.)

An unknown but GENIUS way to meet hotter women almost immediately while doing away with the majority of your male "competition". (I actually did this personally with great success, and I can't believe I've never mentioned it before. It's so EASY that it's been "hiding in plain sight" this whole time.)

Two subtle but DEADLY pitfalls that kill your chances when e-mailing women for the first time. The tragic part is that most guys think they're being uber-creative and clever when they do these things, but they're usually coming off as just another random, generic guy...and that's if they manage not to seem creepy.

5 vital questions to ask yourself BEFORE you hit "send" on a first e-mail to women. Check these all off and she's practically GUARANTEED to answer.

What to do if a woman has looked at your profile multiple times but isn't writing you. (Hint: This is the OPPOSITE of what nearly every other guy automatically does.)

2 deadly mistakes many men make when writing women...all the while feeling extra proud of themselves. Don't be that guy!

How to deal with newbie women who want to move incredibly slowly, wasting both your time AND hers...including a practically infallible strategy when she appears to think online dating might be "dangerous".

The one word that MUST be avoided at all costs when writing first e-mails to women. (Don't kill your chances with three little key strokes.)

Finally...the right "vibe" to set when writing to women online. And guess what? It's about as basic a concept as it gets.

The only simple (and foolproof) strategy you need for positively eliminating ALL potentially poisonous women before they ever get the chance to meet you.

A simple and effective way to handle the situation when a woman keeps putting off meeting you face-to-face for the first time.


Three Scientific Online Dating Studies   Get your hands on the priceless findings of a Professor of Psychology on how women on online dating sites think AND their behavior patterns.

Audio With The Online Dating Scientist Himself   In a world exclusive, I interview the Professor who performed those very same online dating studies, asking him ALL the questions YOU would.



"Overall, I found it really valuable and thought-provoking. I appreciated the workplace and social circle section; applying the big four concepts more widely than the dating and relationship context. I'm planning on listening to this with my kids, who are adolescent-escent. Great job Scot, love your work."

Dan (London, UK – B4MC Member)



Accept The Challenge

Accept The Challenge

Easy Purchase -- Take Three Months To Pay



365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


Once again, I invite you to take the bold step to join this exclusive cadre of high-character men. Months of development has gone into making sure The Big 4 Man Challenge overdelivers for you.

You're going to discover all-new practical ideas that will bring you powerful results with women, in your social circle AND in the workplace.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Member's Area and seeing you on Facebook.

Be Good,

Scot McKay, <b>The Big 4 Man Challenge</b>

P.S.  As always, I back the promise of your success with a 100% money back guarantee.



Each testimonial below is 100% real, coming from guys who have done direct coaching with me.

"I can't thank you enough for all the knowledge that you shed upon me! I learned so much from you in the many conversations we had that you just can't put a price tag on. I never had a hard time attracting women in my life, but when it came to finding the *right* woman, that's where I had my troubles.

You helped me to start thinking differently about what I really wanted. This allowed me to really sit back and raise my standards and not just settle for anyone anymore.

After just a few months of talking in depth to you about what I really wanted, I met the perfect *100 out of 100* on my spreadsheet and have finally found the woman who I'll be spending the rest of my life with.

It doesn't hurt either that I'm her perfect guy as well...I guess that's what being a Big 4 Man is what it comes down to in the end!"

Nick (Boston, MA) – Ten-Plus Classic


"I wanted to let you know that by using your help I have a date with a woman I would have always believed was far out of my league. You see, she is an actress, an honest to goodness, seen her on the TV actress. I met her online, props to you. It went extremely well and she truly is a ten, we hit it off from the start. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for helping me get here and wish me luck! I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help."

Evan (Reno, NV) – Ten-Plus Classic


"This is quick message to say thank you for all the coaching you gave me.

This coaching has led me to meet a high quality woman who I've been dating for two months, and she is like "high-octane fuel" in my fuel tank and for the first time this morning we had sex and lost my virginity to her, but she made it special and let me lead.

Without your advice and mentor-ship Scot, I wouldn't be in this position.

A massive thanks you and Emily at X & Y Communications, keep up the great work and I'll continue to read your newsletters and shout about you from every rooftop I can find.

I'm glad I discovered such an influential and fantastic man who truly cares about you going from strength to strength - from one BIG FOUR MAN to another - Thanks Scot."

Martin (Berkshire, UK) – Ten-Plus Classic


"The other day moving stuff around in my home office, out of one of my favorite books fell the plane tickets down to do the Ten-Plus Live with you San Antonio. Still one of the best experiences of my life. I have to say man, your coaching got to bring out what I have always wanted to bring out of me, and help me find a woman, who even said tonight she loves being my cheerleader."

Jim (Denver, CO) – Ten-Plus Live


"Our sessions have really opened up my mind and hiring you as my dating coach was an excellent choice. First in terms of making the decision to hire a dating coach to have my dating life handled and secondly to have you as my choice, considering there are so many coaches to choose from. In the end what mattered was that I saw results, quickly. It was faster than I thought was possible."

Marcus (Queens, NYC) – Ten-Plus Classic


"Just wanted you to know that your coaching really helped me get over the hump. Your wisdom and knowledge were invaluable."

Richard (Hong Kong) – Ten-Plus Classic


"Every time I meet a woman there seems to be another of equal or greater attraction for me. What this means is that what you were trying to grill in my stubborn head has sunk in. There is not a day that I don't wake up, go out and see a woman and say, "She is attractive. She has her life together. I want to meet her. Time to start a conversation." Man it really feels good to trust that advice. Now I feel empowered."

Ian (St. Louis, MO) – Ten-Plus Classic


"I wanted to tell you that you are for real. Thank you for providing real value."

Mike (San Marcos, TX) – Ten-Plus Classic


"Just for a quick update, I have met a beautiful women who I have been dating for 2 months and it is exciting and new. I must be applying what I learned from you because she is talking about all the things you taught me. She brings up in conversation things like, "You know what I like (and love) about you Dan? You are present, a real man who is confident and knows how to treat a woman. She feels safe and knows I will take care of her. All her words! I just thought of you and wanted to thank you for what I have learned so far."

Dan (Oakdale, MN) – Ten-Plus Classic


"I'm now actively getting out in-field and talking to women in bars and I feel that a lot or my steady progress with my outer game is due to having my inner game sorted A LOT thanks to you. So I feel I'm becoming good with women."

Sasha (United Kingdom) – Ten-Plus Classic



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